10 Ways to Instantly Speed Up Your Website

10 Ways to Instantly Speed Up Your Website

Optimizing the performance of a website is often neglected by web developers due to laziness or just not knowing what can be done to speed up their website. One thing most developers don't realize is that if a page is taking too long to load, allot of users will leave the site before the page is finished loading.

Today there are probably over 100 ways to improve the performance of a website. In this article I will show you simple 10 things you can do in less than an hour to speed up your website and see amazing results instantly.

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Welcome to DevMoose.com!

My name is Jean-Paul Bernadina and I'm a 24 year old web developer and designer that lives on a tiny island in the Caribbean called Curacao(it's right next to Aruba).

In this blog I'll be writing about pretty much anything related to the web development and design industry such as how to speed up your websites, useful code snippets and much more.

I hope you guys will enjoy this blog as much as I will!

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